Latest Release:

Version: 0.38.2


Development is done in a Git repository, which you can view at To check out a read-only version of the Git repository, issue this command:

git clone

You can browse the Git repository directly from the Github project website by navigating through the file tree located here or view the complete revision history at Github or by using git log in your local copy of the Git repository.

Bug Reports

Bug reports, patches, diffs, or suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Feel free to post to the mailing list or find us in IRC at the official #sbopkg channel on See the Docs/Help page for information on those resouces. You can also file a bug report in the Issue Tracker (like a Bugzilla) at the Github project page located here.


Currently, the main sbopkg developers are:

  • Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

Past (inactive) developers:

  • Chess Griffin
  • Mauro Giachero
  • slakmagik