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Latest Release:

Version: 0.37.1


The latest version of sbopkg is version 0.37.1 and you can download the latest package or source tarball from this page.

  • Package: A pre-built Slackware package of the latest version of sbopkg can be downloaded here.
  • Source: The source tarball of the latest version can be downloaded here.
  • ChangeLog: You can view the ChangeLog here.
  • Older packages and source tarballs are available on this page.

The sbopkg packages can be installed or upgraded like any other Slackware package:

installpkg sbopkg-version-noarch-1_wsr.tgz


upgradepkg sbopkg-version-noarch-1_wsr.tgz

When upgrading, please be sure to read the updated and merge any changes into your exisiting sbopkg.conf file.